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Primi piatti


Rigatoni al filettoFresh pasta prepared with slices of beef tenderloin, mushrooms, meat stock and cream. Flavored with truffle butter, garlic and peperoncino
Tagliatele del contadinoTagliatele with chicken fillet, fresh spinach, chevreost, tomato, white wine, garlic, cream and peperoncino
Tortelloni E gamberiFresh pasta filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, piri piri served with seafood sauce, asparagus, scampi and lemon thyme
Linguine ai frutti di mareLinguine with green mussels, squid and prawns in a lovely tomato sauce flavored with white wine, piri-piri and garlic
Giganti all asticeHomemade fresh pasta dumplings, stuffed with lobster meat, crayfish, spinach, and ricotta cheese, served with lobster sauce
Raviolacci con carciofi all´EmilianaFilled pasta with artichoke, ricottacheese and Grana Padano. Served with tomato-, butter- and salviasauce. Topped with Parmesan Reggiano.

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